Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Xaviere Guitars

Earlier this year i decided to start a little band up with some friends, but i didn't own a guitar. See i've played bass guitar for a few years and all i had was a bass. With only $200 on me, i knew i had to find a guitar on the cheap.

I headed over to guitar center and tried nearly all guitars they had in my price range. Basically only squire and epiphone guitars. They all felt and sounded like junk. Low quality SHIT! So i took to the internet. My friend recommended i check out
this guitar company that makes replicas on the cheap, Xaviere Guitars. To my surprise, the guitars all looked really nice and were priced under $200!

However, how do they sound?
To my surprise, they compare in sound and quality to the squire guitars in the $400 price range, but for a fraction of the price. My guitar, was only $169 plus shipping! It stays in tune, sounds decent, looks and feels pretty good, and costs nothing. The best part about it is because its so cheap, im not even worried if i scratch it or drop it. Its not like im playing on a fender tele afterall! Recommended!


  1. cool site. Might recommend this to my dad who is a guitar fanatic xD

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  2. Seems cool.. I've been thinking about buying Epiphone Gothic Explorer. It's quite expensive though.

  3. I wish I could play an instrument...I really love music but never got into anything...I do own a bass guitar used by the bassist in my favorite band though.

  4. Yeah heard about this already from one of my guitaring friends. They make some good stuff.

  5. just found your blog,bbut you should make a youtube vid so we can hear the sound of it as well :p

  6. @Bazs
    there are some vids on there already from other people, you can look if you want! ;P
    do you have a blog?

  7. followed, and nice article :D

  8. Mom forced me to take guitar lessons as a kid, as you can tell, i'm big into electronic music which doesn't work as a good segway into learning the guitar so sadly, i've given up.

  9. Thanks for the info...

    gives great insight on how to choose a guitar, it takes time to find that special one lol

    I ,on the other hand, play drums and I'm always searching to add or replace a piece...